Want the best website to learn English Then check out top English learning websites. Whether it s BBC Learning English.



FluentU or

GrammarRevolution com is one more free English grammar learning website This website caters to the needs of both teache

Elizabeth O’Brien
the .

Gary’s website is a good example of how people with many differing interests.


or portfolios can present themselves without overwhelming website visitors. 3. Raewyn Brandon.

graphic designer

1. Mina. Mina is a bright eCommerce website template from Zyro that allows you to create your own online store in minutes. Mina makes use of the trend for bright colors but uses minimal navigation in the web .

1 Small Business Websites

Joe Coffee Company Over the past two decades or so.

it’s become crucial for brick and mortar stores to have a website. As time passes. it’s become more relevant Now


You have the option of typing directly into the platform or copying large blocks of text such as an essay for correction. There’s also an extension that works with a .

List of Sentence Connectors in English with Examples.

5. English Club. If you wish for very many quizzes. 6. Perfect English Grammar. Seonaid’s blog gives more .

1. Moodle Moodle is one of the most popular open source LMS tools learning management system. It’s used by millions of people.

including big brands like Mazda .

Easy World of English An attractive

user friendly website including grammar.


reading and listening practice and an interactive picture

Get the free Cambridge Dictionary Plus app. Personalized English vocabulary practice with the Cambridge Dictionary. Free with ads.

or go ad free as an in .


website in American English. noun. Computing. a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity.

usually maintained by one person or .

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and developed by Google. It’s designed to engage in two way conversations.

helping users


a global design company

won the Business Blog
Webby award for its Octopus blog.

and for good reason. The blog features a sleek.

black and white Octopus drawing as its

Roxane Gay. Roxane Gay is an author.


and speaker She’s one of my other favorite contemporary authors

so I was delighted to see that her site is also an excellent example of design Minimalism with personality The ima

The color scheme is a real standout feature of this travel blog. A combination of bright colors and bold text grab the attention of visitors and help give the site a fun and refreshing feel. 6. Nomadic Matt. At first glance.


IT website example Beast Code. Beast Code is a small to medium sized technology company that develops software solutions. Now as a tech company and with a business name like that. I had high hopes for this site.

and it did not disappointand not just with the spaceship homepage and warfighter tagline..

1 Mighty Networks Mighty Networks is a community building platform In addition

the company offers an exceptionally accessible website. If you’d like to see this example ’s accessibility features in more detail.

try running it through an accessibility checker like WAVE.. The website ’s homepage features legible text and imagery with .

Teacher Websites for Inspiration Check out our list of the teacher website examples for inspiration
guiding you on areas to focus on when designing or redesigning yours

too. 1. Robert Fraher. Visit Website. Modern art is easily recognizable.

and the Robert Fraher website.

right here
is one.


Trusted free online English Dictionary from Collins Authoritative

reliable and up to date content for English word reference.

with images
example sentences.

audio and video pronunciations

and related thesaurus Example sentences taken from the Collins corpus
showing how the word is used Famous ations Word lists organized by theme

The best Bakery websites. 1. Land amp Monkeys Bakery Website Example. If you’re looking for a bakery website example.

Land amp Monkeys is one of the most inspiring I’ve seen so far because it stands for “Dream Fair.

Eat Fun The menu is uncluttered.

and the video background is stylish

Pet products Zee.Dog. Weddings Silk and Willow. Let’s take a closer look at each of these small business website design examples. 1. Men’s Fashion Velasca. Velasca sells handmade Italian leather shoes and accessories. Its website is clean and simple.

and showcases the brand’s distinctive Italian atmosphere

Web Developer Resume Sample Skills and Experience Section. The skills listed in the job description are leadership.

full stack web development

Agile Lean programming.


and the ability to perform to goals. In your skills list.

you put all the above

plus problem solving

and Git

7. Mingxi Wu. Built with Squarespace. Mingxi Wu is a full screen student portfolio website with an animated background.

a text overlay

and links to works. But you can also access the portfolio s via the menu. Likewise.

you can check Mingxi’s LinkedIn profile through the link in the navigation bar..

This is one of the best intro posts I came across because there’s a clear story line in Lauren’s content She also a
so this intro post probably gets more traffic than your typical one 8 Sylvie’s Suitcase

Ojieame’s personal website is proof that it’s possible to distill a large breadth of work into a one page design
in a creative and cohesive way 6 I Am Tamara Tamara Sredojevic is a UX designer who is passionate about ethical desi accessibility.

and .

A website
or individual web page

can be static or dynamic.A static website or static web page contains information that doesn t change automatically. It remains the same.

or static

for every viewer of the site. A dynamic website or dynamic web page contains information that changes.

depending on the viewer.

the time of the day.

the time

a shorter headline will read well in search engine results. Second.

users will simply take less time to read it and decide whether they want to click. In many cases.

a shorter headline will also stand out. According to the Buzzsumo study.

the ideal headline length words characters..

3 Devansh Gandhi Devansh is studying Interaction Design at the University of Washington

Seattle He has been a product design intern at multiple companies
including Facebook. Also.

he has held leadership positions in his university 4 Cho Laam Yuen Cho Laam Yuen is a Master’s student at Columbia

Say Yes Say Yes is an award winning blog created by Liz Stanley Although it could be classified as a mom blog as well

since Liz is a mother of three

it goes beyond that.

offering useful advice about other topics.

including food.

and travel Main topics covered Family




A self help website is an excellent choice for life coaches and personal development gurus Provide guidance on how to s

make sure your website allows your guests to book an appointment online. Source Tony Robbins..

18 Adam Ho Adam Ho’s portfolio is one of the most unique design portfolio examples we’ve found The homepage start

but as you begin interacting with the site

it transforms into an immersive
satisfying experience. What makes this portfolio stand out is how interactive it is..

blog examples 01 Zion Adventure Photog When you re first approaching the question of how to start a blog

check out Zion Adventure Photog. The blog has a dual purpose owner Arika’s photography portfolio and establishing her expertise of the Zion area. With these.

she’s able to make money blogging

Here is one of the best student portfolio examples showcasing the power of simplicity Elizabeth cuts it down to the inf
like contacts Yet
it looks cozy and inviting.

like the opening phrase “Let’s Tell Your Story”

Qin Chen. A Chinese writer and reporter based in Beijing.

Qin Chen writes about Chinese society for English speaking readers. With experiences as a senior video producer for The New Yorker and a documentary producer at CNBC.

Qin’s online portfolio showcases her published writing and videography www qinvisual com

31 about me .

examples Review examples of statements from people in different roles to help you create your own effective about

3. Melba Design Festival. What we like Our next example is itself a showcase of design.

the website for Melba Design Festival Visitors are invited to explore the site by clicking its interactive jars

the theme being that the best designs are “preserved” for you to see

How to Add an Impressum on Your Facebook Page Here’s how to add an impressum to your Facebook page Click Pages in th

Click here for th edition guidelines APA website citations usually include the author

the publication date.

the title of the page or article.

the website name
and the URL If there is no author

start the citation with the title of the article If the page is likely to change over time
add a retrieval date

Grammarly Handbook Amazing resource to learn English grammar with many many examples 10 English grammar exercises by

2 ETQ ETQ is a simple and minimalist eCommerce website example with a full screen hero section that

and call to action CTA The header with mega menu disappears on scroll and reappears when you scroll back to

A good school website should have a clean design
be easy to navigate and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites. How to create a school website.

1 Analyze the best websites on this Make notes of what you like and what you don’t

4. Avox Architects. Made With Google Sites. Avox Architects is a young architectural firm that is aiming to get their projects out there and use their new website to showcase their services and portfolio.

in order to reach potential customers. avoxarchitects.co.za. 5. Xu Chu s Group. Made With Google Sites..

This wedding website is one that is continuously updated along the planning process.

keeping everyone in the loop. In the meantime.

visitors can read about the couples love story and check out their engagement photos that are flattered by the sites color scheme. glebandcharlee.com. 16. Tmak and Jimmy..

Lucie at Urban Photography by Lucie does a great job of this by adding an email address and phone number at the bottom of her bio page. You can also add links to your social media platforms.

so people have another means to reach you and connect with you on a social level 11 Use more visuals than words

For example

the clearly labeled “Search recipes amp guides” search bar at the center of the blog is unmissable. Similarly.

each blog post also has a “Print Recipe” button that enables you to download print a text only PDF of the recipe it’s a tiny but very useful feature for the readers flourist.comblogsrecipes. 5..

5 The design includes calls to action CTAs Calls to action help you encourage visitors to take specific actions Examp

” “Schedule a Demo
” “Buy Now.

” or “Learn More ” Most homepages use primary and secondary calls to action to direct visitors to the next logica

7. Nomadic Matt. If you want to find out how to travel the world on.

then Nomadic Matt’s blog is the first page you should check out. This New York Times best selling author has helped millions of people travel on a budget and visit far away places for as little cash as possible..

Here is a list from our experts of the best blog examples of all the blog types mentioned above Best Tech Blog TechCrunch.

focusing on technology and startup news Best Lifestyle Blog A Cup of Jo
featuring content surrounding fashion.




and motherhood..

1. Nerdwallet. Nerdwallet is one of my favorite affiliate marketing websites.

and I’m sure plenty of affiliate marketers would tell you the same It’s been around for a long while

it does enormously well in one of the most competitive markets.

and the content is genuinely useful..

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